Inle Lake

Inle Lake

Inle Ancient city that was the capital of the first Burmese empire, where lied down famous river of Ayeyarwaddy. One of the richest archaeological sites in South-east Asia and also the heart of Myanmar. Bagan shows Myanmar architectural heritages from the 11th to mid 14th centuries. The ruins of the more than one hundred Angkor temples stand alone and isolated in thick jungles, and only from the top of the tallest temples it is not possible to see others in the distance. Sprawling across a vast dusty plain, the ruins of Bagan are unhidden. There being no trees to obstruct the view, one may gaze over forty square miles of countryside, upon literally thousands of temples. The temples and pagodas are not the only sight to see and visit in Bagan. This town where is culturally rich with local daily life. The dusty farmland scattered between ancient temples with palm trees where much impressive to visit in Bagan. It is also memorable explore and climb the narrow stairways of the temples to get a real panoramic view of this land at sunrise and sunset which will another breathtaking experience in Bagan.

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